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QR Codes


We have developed QRcodes that let you change where you take folks based on your settings.
They can take you just about anywhere. Now we can even take your clients to different places at given times or days of the week with ONE QR code.. Ask us today

QR codes

So what are those funny codes all over the place and how can they help me.

If you have any business, need folks to contact you, read your info, take up your offer of just a way to pass on your latest deal.  If you are not using them, you are missing out..

QR (quick response) codes are a simple way to let the mobile world find you, instead of endlessly clicking tapping and typing the code simply takes them straight to the message.

You can take advantage of our FREE QR code builder right here.  (this will open in one of our sister sites – web-print)

The limitation with the standard QR codes is once they are in print, the place folks are taken to remains static, which is great for phone numbers and static information, but what about offers and deals that change daily or weekly ? ..

So we thought about that and came up with a solution (URL based) so you can now have ONE QRcode that takes your clients to a different offer based on the way you set it up for every day of the week, hour month or year.

Our variations are amazing…all set up just for your needs.

Don’t get left behind, find out today how we can get this on track for you.
We can also track clicks throughs so you know how the interest is going.


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Service Websites

 Industry Websites specialists

Fully functioning websites.  Ease of use both front and back end. 

Our limited offer to you is priced to get you online in a practical and profitable way.


Just one of our “Specialist” Service industry websites offers

Full practical working site and we will even populate your menus for you if need be, you simply cannot go wrong using it to grow your business. You also receive our support and can utilise any of our extended services at anytime when you are a customer of ours eg: Want first page of Google, Want to reach out to potential customers, Want more…?

I’m not saying you can’t get sales with a poor or no website , but you can certainly increase them  by adding a usable site, it does not have to be fancy nor filled with impressive graphics – but we did that for you too!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll be getting:

Menu – Unlimited  items – categories – price – graphics and printable.

Specials – Easily seen and promotable.

Latest Items – To keep your site fesh and inviting – we’ll show you how.

Opening hours – It’s important that consumers know when you trade

 ‘Customer Testimonials’  – Leverage the power of your name and credibility.

Social media – Interaction and PR at their fingertips

Sliding information – Tempters work use them to your advantege. 

Map and Places  – Find you if you don’t deliver.

MOBILE version – Without a mobile version of your site you are DEFINITELY missing sales and enquiries.

RESERVATIONS  – Take bookings online with ease

FULLY CUSTOMISE – You can change just about anything with ease.. We give you full options for colour position and information and it is EASY to do.

PLUS Support!

What makes a succesful website?

In some cases its fancy scripts and do dahs but in most its practicality, the thing that we specialise in. Our web developers can create just about anything to match any price tag, but having created the entire gammit, we know what makes people happy.

In a nutshell, a site that can be used with ease both front and back end. The solution we give to you at this limited special offer …your own site…

Rest EasyRest Easy Promotor
Package cost - $ 1000Package cost - $ 1300
5 pages (Desktop)Rest easy complete package plus
EventsSMS engine
MapsBroadcast to your clients
Multiple locations if requiredFull list control on your site
Reservation engineby Keyword or type
Responsive - so auto fits screen sizeReminder options to auto send broadcasts
Social mediaVoice - text or email
SpecialsOne click subscribers - tracking etc
TestimonialsImport Export options
Up to 30 food menu itemsOne dedicated boradcast phone number
3 pages MobileDynamic QR code tracking to URL
Auto detect Dedicated mobile versionOne code can take your users to different URLs based on time day month etc (many many options)
Tap to call feature
One year hostingDeployment times
One domain name if required7 days from 1st installment payment
Deployment timesOngoing charges/ options
7 days from 1st installment paymentHosting per year after 1st year - $60
Ongoing charges$60 - per 500 Broadcasts
Hosting per year after 1st year - $50$120 - per 1000 broadcasts